[PODCAST] How to Boost Engagement with User-Generated Content


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User-Generated content is on the rise – smart content marketers are finding huge benefits in opening up their content generation to their communities – whether it’s photos, videos, case studies, comments, ratings and reviews, blog posts, guest curation or more… content created by your tribe often gets higher engagement and results.

In this episode of the Content Sells Podcast, your hosts Suzi Dafnis and Michelle Falzon look at the pros and cons of user-generated content – great campaigns that have worked for businesses large and small and how you can get your audience inspired to generate content for you.

Plus, included in this episode is a free download – 5 Ways To Let Your Customers Generate Content For You

Listen to this episode to hear more about:

  • The surprising statistic about user-generated content engagement levels
  • Why user-generated content allows room for “magic”
  • How the boom in smartphones is a boom for your content
  • Tips for creating user-generated content through competitions
  • Why visual content is often the easiest kind of content to ask your audience for
  • What you can learn from Go Pro about leveraging your engagement by allowing your audience to share their content on your website
  • How the Ice Bucket Challenge got started and what you can do to model your own user-generated content movement
  • How to leverage Facebook comments into other forms of content
  • The seriously great benefits of co-created content

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