And so it begins (strike that) continues…

I was going to call this post “And so it begins” to mark my first blog post coming out from “behind the scenes” marketing other speakers, authors, coaches, consultants, products, brands etc etc for the past 25 years.

But I realise this journey of mine into this new adventure I call “We Are Content” is really just a continuation of a long-held passion and desire to communicate.

To do great work. To reach people. To connect.

To be more than corporate blah blah.

To help people. To serve. To have fun. To do something with meaning. To grow strong businesses and help smart people succeed by sharing their ideas.

It’s what I felt when I first started working in documentary films in my early twenties.

And later, when I worked in advertising (ok, maybe at times there was some corporate blah blah there but I never got sucked into it!).

When I first fell in love with the interwebs in the late 90’s and began my very first foray into content marketing writing white papers to promote a wireless technology startup I was working in (right before the dot com bubble burst).

When I worked with clever, talented authors, speakers and teachers promoting events and online programs through the better part of this new century.

And it’s what drives me still.

We are living in exciting times.

As communicators and connectors, the possibilities have never been this wild and the scope never this broad.

Today you, me, anyone can be a publisher.

Today genius ideas don’t need a big machine behind them.

Instead, a person with a great idea, a smart phone and an internet connection can change the world.

And I want to play!

I know I’ve got something to give.

Something to add to the conversation.

So, let’s play. Let’s talk. Let’s make great work.

And so, it begins continues… looking forward to the ride.



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