25 Years…

LinkedIn just reminded me it is 25 years this month since starting my own marketing business… obviously, I was 7 when I started 🙂

Wow, time flies when you are having fun.

Just took a moment to reflect – so many incredible highs, a few gut-wrenching lows, lots of lessons learned… but the thing that stands out most when the past quarter of a century of my professional life flashes before my eyes, is the people.

The amazing people I’ve crossed paths with – some have mentored me, some have laughed with me, some have inspired me, some have challenged me.

Many gave me opportunities I didn’t think I was ready for and helped me to grow into a new level of confidence. Many spurred me on by living their own brilliance and giving me such wonderful examples to follow.

And I am so grateful for them all.

Even those experiences that weren’t so “positive” at the time.

I think I may be most grateful for those.

Each time I’ve come through the fire has brought a new awareness. Some new insight. Richer empathy. And perhaps a dash of much-needed craziness.

To my partner in life and in business, Mark Falzon – thank you for your visionary, funny, encouraging, stubborn, demanding and always inspiring self. I think I may admire you more now, in that real way that comes with the insight of time, than I ever have.

Thank you to all the beautiful people I have worked with over all these years.

I am truly, truly grateful for each and every one of you. It’s been a lovely trip 🙂

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